Our Mission

Get Maryland Moving is a new coalition of diverse stakeholders who believe that stronger public transportation in Maryland is necessary to strengthen our communities and our regional economy. Our co-chairs are Caroline Paff of Sagamore Development and Min. Glen Smith of the Coppin Heights CDC and the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition. Other members include TradePoint Atlantic, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1300, the Service Employees International Union Local 1199, the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance, the Center for Urban Families, Vehicles for Change, and many others. 

Get Maryland Moving has selected changing Maryland’s farebox recovery mandate as its first issue campaign. Currently, State law requires that the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) recovers 35 percent of its expenses through farebox and other revenues. Experience and industry norms show that this approach is ineffective and counterproductive – the MTA has never achieved the 35 percent target and cites the farebox recovery mandate as a limiting factor to expanding service to respond to new major employment sites, extending hours for students to get to and from after-school activities, and other opportunities to grow ridership and service the region. Our aim is to replace the farebox recovery mandate with better, more meaningful indicators of the MTA’s performance: reliability, speed, frequency, access to jobs, and ridership. 

This is an opportunity to improve public transportation in Maryland and we need stakeholders to say it matters to them. There are two ways that you can participate:

  1. Sign up as a member of the Get Maryland Moving coalition and supporter of replacing the farebox recovery mandate with better performance measures.
  2. Share a link to this web site with others and ask them to share their commuting experiences with the Get Maryland Moving coalition and to consider getting involved.